Per Kristian Skulberg


Curriculum vitae




Born 1951 in Spydeberg, County of Østfold, Norway


Makapuu Oceanic Center, Oahu, Hawaii 1970. Studies within the field of oceanography and marine biology


Medical School, University of Oslo 1977


General practitioner since 1979


Local councillor, Spydeberg 1979-1987


Private secretary to the Minister of Environment 1984-1986


State Secretary (Deputy minister) Royal Ministry of Environment 1990


State Secretary (Deputy Minister) Royal Ministry of Culture 1998-2000


National Council on Cultural Heritage, board member 1986-1996


President of Heritage Interpretation International 1991-1995


Norwegian Museum of Photography – Preus Museum, chairman of the executive board, 2001-2006


The National Constitution Centre of Norway (Eidsvoll 1814), chairman of the executive board 2006 – 2010.


The Royal Norwegian Society for Development, member of the board of representatives since 2006.


Norsk Folkemuseum (National Folk Museum of Norway) vice chairman of the executive board since 2010.


Norwegian Heritage (Norsk kulturarv), vice chairman of executive board  2011 - 2012.


The municipal committee on local history publications, chairman of the board since 1987.


Stiftelsen Spydeberg prestegård (The Spydeberg Rectory Foundation) member of the executive board since 2011.


Selected publications:


Editor-in-chief  for the publications “People and their homes – on ancient and present sites."  The Settlement history of the Municipality of Spydeberg: Vol. 1, Spydeberg 2003. Vol.2, Spydeberg 2009.


Skulberg P.K .(2014): Pax Scandinavica. The epoch-making events in Østfold during August  1814.  County of Østfold.


Alveng Dag & Skulberg P.K. (2015): Wilse - The Humanist and his Lab.

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